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The first point is to strive for a cost-effective cold storage project
Do not win at low prices, do not do low-cost and low-quality cold storage projects, strive for cost-effective cold storage projects, and strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutions.
The third point is that the qualification is perfect to ensure the quality of the project
Have cold storage installation qualifications, including various types of mechanical and electrical installation qualification certificates, can undertake various types of cold storage engineering installations, and distribute different brands of refrigeration compressors and refrigeration accessories at home and abroad

Fifth point provides a complete solution
By understanding customer needs, we provide customers with more practical and beneficial cold storage construction design solutions, and continuously learn from domestic and foreign enterprises' advanced management experience
    The second point is a professional and reliable engineering design and management team
    Engineers certificates
  • Has dozens of rigorous training, experienced and certified cold storage freezer design and installation and management personnel to ensure the smooth progress of the project, from the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and one-stop service
    Fourth point: standardized installation tools and reliable material supply
    Standard Tool and Reliable Material
  • The cold storage project uses internationally advanced installation equipment and reliable quality materials, and has reached long-term cooperation with a number of material suppliers. Each refrigeration compressor is produced by the original factory. It operates safely and stably, has a low failure rate, saves energy and electricity, and has a long service life. .
    Sixth point good after-sales service
    Original parts professional maintenance
  • Guanhong Refrigeration provides you with a full range of original parts, professional maintenance personnel, and dedication to all after-sales problems to remove your worries.

    Whole refrigerated freezer


    Split refrigerated freezer

  • Parallel SET

    Cold storage refrigeration unit

  • XRG-B

    Fresh meat freezer


    Refrigerated counter freezer


    Lunch refrigerated freezer

海尔开利 ICF II

Haier Carrier ICF II

Customer value sliding door design, convenient for multiple customers to shop at the same time after defrost -18 ℃ about + 8% inventory, about + 11% display area about -12 ℃ surface cooling temperature about -13% To facilitate multiple customers shopping at the same time after defrosting -18 ℃ .....

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  • Haier Carrier ICF II

    海尔开利 ICF II
  • Carrier right angle counter cabinet

  • Whole machine / split half-height cabinet

  • Right-angle deli counter


Right-angle round island refrigerator

■ The inlet expansion valve controls the refrigerant flow rate according to the size of the temperature control valve of the cooling pipe, which changes with the temperature change. Laminar flow optimization wind ...

杭州冷库冷柜 杭州冷库冷柜咨询
  • Right-angle round island refrigerator

  • Split vertical double air curtain refrigerator

  • Freezer with split glass door

  • Split Half-Height Roundabout


Haier Carrier Screw Compressor Unit

The Haier Carrier refrigeration unit distributed by Hangzhou Guanhong Refrigeration Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics: refrigeration capacity 139kW ~ 740kW, refrigerant R404A and R22 optional compressors in parallel design, up to 4 compressors in parallel. Unit capacity adjustment range 7.5% ~ 100% plate economizer design ...

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  • Haier Carrier Screw Compressor Unit

  • Carrier Low Temperature Quietor CDU (1.5 ~ 5

    开利低温Quietor CDU(1.5~5
  • Haier Carrier E series small parallel unit

    海尔开利E系列 小并联机组
  • Haier Carrier medium temperature DC inverter cooling


Fine fresh meat cabinet

Product features: Suitable for high-end fresh display such as salmon and Japanese food; Large opening area brings better display effect; New high-efficiency refrigeration system with more uniform temperature and lower energy consumption; Additional laminate design for larger volume . Performance parameters: Type .....

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  • Fine fresh meat cabinet

  • E Series Deli

  • Luxury split vertical freezer

  • Classic fresh meat cabinet

DF-N06B内藏柜 柜台柜

DF-N06B Built-in cabinet counter cabinet

Cold body: ≦ -18 ° C .....

冷库冷柜详情 冷库冷柜咨询
  • DF-N06B Built-in cabinet counter cabinet

    DF-N06B内藏柜 柜台柜
  • Sliding door combination island cabinet

  • E6 double air curtain refrigerator

  • LH22DL-12 / 08/06 Built-in cabinet counter cabinet

    LH22DL-12/08/06内藏柜 柜台柜

Haier Carrier Excellent Lunch Cabinet

Product value with lower customer energy consumption; Larger inventory area; Product description Large display area; Optimized air curtain design; Energy-saving and efficient draw-type condensing unit; Easy maintenance; ; .....

冷柜冷柜详情 冷库冷柜咨询
  • Haier Carrier Excellent Lunch Cabinet

  • Haier Carrier Excellence Split Lunch Cabinet

  • Haier Pinyue split lunch cabinet (wind

  • Haier Carrier Hot and Cold Lunch Cabinet

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Hangzhou cold storage freezer

With a group of high-quality cold storage engineering technicians and a well-established professional construction management team, equipped with multiple cold storage freezer construction vehicles and its own construction team, it can make higher quality engineering and better and faster construction and after-sales. service

The company has strong technical force and advanced construction equipment. For many years, the company has closely followed the international advanced level of refrigeration technology and cooperated with customers to provide superior refrigeration equipment installation solutions.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "professional, reliable, cooperation, and win-win", we have established and perfected a quality assurance system in strict accordance with national "rules" and "standards."

Provide cold-storage field survey, scheme design, investment budget preparation and other services before the construction of the cold storage, to lay a good foundation for having advanced machinery and testing methods adapted to various professional constructions to ensure smooth construction

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Hangzhou Cold Storage Installation Company

杭州冷库安装Hangzhou Cold Storage Company

Hangzhou Guanhong Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Guanhong Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 on the shore of Xizi Lake in Renjiediling. Until now, the company has been focusing on the sales, construction and service of commercial refrigeration and engineering refrigeration projects, and has gained a good reputation in the industry. Its services include cold storage and refrigerator Installation and sales. In terms of cold storage, it mainly includes large, medium and small-sized cold storage projects, fresh-keeping storage, quick-freezing storage, and air-conditioning storage, including fruit cold storage, fresh meat cold storage, and seafood cold storage. In terms of refrigerators, including beverage refrigerators, fruit fresheners, seafood product freezers, etc., they are widely used in: food production, supermarkets, hotel catering, chemicals, medicine, electronics, fruits and vegetables, logistics, etc ...

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